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This blog is more than just a blog.  It’s a community focused on providing the best information for coaches and parents on teaching players to play teeball.  Browse through the site for more details.  New updates will be made to the site as the blog gets back to the original message to help coaches and parents to teach players how to play teeball and baseball. The player above is my son who is the model for many of the stories in this blog. As a parent and coach you’ll read two points of view as I balance parenting and teaching players teeball. Guest posts will also appear from time to time and add more value to the blog. 2013 will be an incredible year and I look forward to you joining me.

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Helping your baseball players perform well in the field

Have you taken a responsibility to coach a baseball team? If yes, then you must realize that you are an important person in their life. This is because these little boys are looking for inspiration from someone who is skilled and experienced.

Being a coach of a baseball team, you should not even think for a moment that you are there in the team only to teach the boys the lessons of catching, hitting and throwing a ball. Baseball involves a lot of worthy life lessons such as the significance of discipline and hard work, how to work with other players, how to be successful and how to overcome failure. It offers you a great chance to help develop self-esteem and confidence in these boys of your baseball team.

Even if you coach a team of five or six years old boys, you should always expect a lot from them. If the boys cause trouble and they do not perform well- try to make them aware of it. Do not let these babying players what they want to do since baseball is an organized sport.

However, it is not wise to be negative with these boys all the time. If you be so, this will hurt the feelings of these little boys and you will have it hard reaching them. This will affect your team’s performance. You should address these problems as soon as they come up, handle the incident and move on. Always try to be positive.

Ways to inspire your team to perform well

  • Encourage

Motivate, motivate and motivate. This word can prompt your boys to bring out their best in the field. Sometimes it seems very ostentatious, but if a boy of your team does well; he deserves to be praised. On the other hand, if he misses a ground ball; you need to ask him to stay in the front of the grounder during play. When any of the boys makes a good play, you need to tell him that he performs well.

On the other hand, if a boy fails to make a good play in spite of his best efforts, let him know it is fine. He will realize his mistakes but assure him that you admire his good effort on the field. It is better to teach him some pointers so that he succeeds in his next attempt.

If you find out that he has failed to give his best effort, you can point it. Let him know that you have expected more from him and what more he could have done. Your boys will respect you if you treat everyone equally.

  • Reward

You know that boys love rewards. In fact, all people love to get rewards in general. Your boys are there to play baseball and some coaches think that being a part of a baseball team means a reward itself. Do not think this way. Think differently. Bribe them. This will boost their self-esteem and encourage to perform well in the field.

Baseball pins can make a good reward to be bestowed to the best performer. You might have noticed that almost every state level football team sports a sticker on their helmets. This sticker serves a specific purpose for the team. You can do exactly the same with baseball pins. Set some standards prior to the league early in the year and declare them to your team. When your boys meet these criteria, give them a baseball pin.

The conditions for rewards can include: making a good stop in a game, hitting a ball safely in a game, stealing a base and getting a player out.

For each category, you can choose a special design and customized pins are something that allow you to put your ideas into those pins.

Opt for putting the name and date of the tournament on the pins. Choose different designs such as a player hitting a ball with a base, a player throwing a ball and so on.

These pins act as a keepsake. This will remind the player about their best moment spent in the field. Not only this, your players will love to perform well in the field.

Eric Murphy works as a fashion consultant. He provides advice regarding the ways in which patchwork adds to the look and feel of fashion wear. If you are looking for more information about trendy or custom lapel pins- variety of embellishments, his tips are sure going to be of great help in finding a service that designs and manufactures these. He suggests you to have ideas from baseballpins.com website.

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3 effective tips to build team spirit in your baseball team

Jason512 / Kids Photos / CC BY

What is the most important thing a baseball team requires when the baseball season is approaching? Yes, you are right. It is the team spirit.

It is a form of self-esteem in sports, involving a heavy emotional attachment of a team. It can increase the confidence of the players, individuality and productivity of your team. It also encourages the fans and helps them express their solidarity for your team and gets them a feeling as if they are part of your baseball team.

Lets us know the tricks to develop team spirit in your baseball team

  • Showing enthusiasm

Show interest within your team. You need to start from the inside to develop team spirit. Make sure that your players are comfortable with one another and they keep patience with each other. Your team is likely to develop a united friendship with each other over time. Encourage your players to perform different types of activities together and assist everyone to achieve objectives not associated with sports. This will help your team to connect to each other on a deeper level. Your team gradually will turn into a well-knit baseball community that can easily triumph over losses. They can add to team spirit by working together.

  • Working hard

Work hard and bring out your team’s potential to make them perform on game days. In order to raise confidence and decrease conflict, all members of a team need to provide equal effort. If your baseball team is facing losses at a stretch, make sure they do not lose their confidence and encourage them to show respect for the game. The moment your team members overcome losses, they will start to respect each other of the team.

  • Publicizing the team

Publicizing is another aspect of team spirit. Therefore, in order to increase the team spirit of your team, advertise your team. When your team improves in their respective games, it is your responsibility to offer them recognition in public. If any player performs exceptionally well, you can too offer an individual recognition to that player. Once the accomplishments of your team will become well- known in the sports fraternity, your team will gain in popularity. On the other hand, fans will build a personal attachment to your baseball team.

In order to publicize your team, you must ensure that you work towards obtaining more exposure for your team. Posting schedules in attractive venues, reaching alumni of the community and the school, arranging interview sessions by a local media house will help your team get a perfect exposure.

Even if your team fails to perform well, you should offer encouragement to your team players and emphasize on their accomplishments.

Logo or mascot also helps your team get the perfect exposure in the crowd.  If your team does not have a logo or mascot, you need to pay heed to create it so that you can get your team an identity. On the other hand, your fans will feel proud that their team has an identity and they will have a reason to show their support and solidarity to your team.

Once you are done with creating a logo or a mascot for your team, you can prefer to design that logo on pins. Pins are a great medium to popularize your baseball team and get support from your fans. If you can create appealing baseball pins based on your team logo, more and more fans would love to sport them and this will help you receive unprecedented supports from the fans. When your team will notice their team has an identity and it is recognized by a huge number of fans, they will be encouraged and will perform well.

If you want to take the help of pins to publicize your team, you can choose customized pins for your baseball team without making any delay. This is because pins make a great item to build up team spirit in your team.

You can find out different types of appealing customized pins. They are resin Epola, Cloisonné, deluxe die struck, soft enamel and so on. You can choose any of these options to create your pins. Each type of pin comes with a varied price tag. Therefore, it is better to know the price to know which suits your affordability.

Do consider these factors and instill a deeper degree of team spirit in your baseball team.

About the author: 

Eric Murphy works as a fashion consultant. He provides advice regarding the ways in which patchwork adds to the look and feel of fashion wear. If you are looking for more information about trendy or custom lapel pins- variety of embellishments, his tips are sure going to be of great help in finding a service that designs and manufactures these. He suggests you to have ideas from baseballpins.com website. You can visit Eric’s Google+.


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Rain delay

Two weeks ago, I finished writing The Beginners Guide to Coaching Teeball before the season started. The season started but a few practices were cancelled because of rain. Then today the first game was supposed to happen but the game was cancelled because of rain.

When a practice or game is cancelled, it reduces the number of available time players can use to improve their teeball skills.

This is why it is important for parents to spend time with their children to practice at home. At home, I am a firm believer that parents also need to be coaches for their children and have them toss the ball around or take a couple swings with the bat.

catching the ball

A lesson on catching

One weekend, my family and I took our kids to the playground and brought the bat, glove, balls, and batting tee.

That week my son missed practice because of the rain.

Since we have a short season I wanted my son to get all the practice he could.

After my son spent about 45 minutes playing on the playground, we moved to the other side of the park and threw the ball around.

For many players, catching is the hardest thing to do.

Their hand eye coordination isn’t there yet. Their confidence level is low. Plus they need to understand that the ball will not automatically appear in their glove when it’s coming toward them.

One lesson I like is for players to catch the ball without their glove.

This forces them to use their hand when grabbing the ball.

Many times, the glove is a hindrance and slows down the time for players to learn to catch.

So has your season started yet?

Take care,

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Teeball equipment for the new season

Teeball is right around the corner and I know many parents are trying to find the best deal. A few coaches new to the sport could be doing the same.

I also added baseball tees for older players who want to hone their swing.

After looking at Amazon and the teeball tees they offered, I compiled the list and broke the list down into several groups.

The groups of teeball tees by category are:

– teeball tees used in games
– teeball tees that can be used for practice at home
– teeball tees for first timers
– teeball tees not recommended

Some of the teeball tees I have used in the past. Other teeball tees I have not used.

I do not recommend you take my word on the tees that I do not recommend if you have seen and used these in the past.

For the teeball tees that I gave a not recommended rating, these parents said the quality of the set was poor and easy to break. I would not recommend buying these tees for your soon to be teeball player.

With equipment, there are always the one or two pieces of equipment that are not built properly and a malfunction occurs in their use. I only looked at the opinion of parents who bought the equipment and left a comment.

The company that produced the equipment could have made improvements since the comments were made.

Below are the list of teeball tees found on Amazon.

Teeball tees used in games

Teeball tees that can be used for practice at home

Teeball tees for first timers

Teeball tees not recommended for practice

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